Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 25th March

Here we are looking forward to the Spring and Summer seasons with bright days and hopefully lots of sunshine! St Andrews church is still supporting the community here with a service every Sunday. Last week there was a Holy Communion service led by Rev Neil Barker. The congregation enjoyed listening to the hymns and saying some of the words too. Rev Neil gave a wonderfiul sermon based on the days Bible readings. Neil’s wife Caroline has orgaised an Easter Pebble Hunt starting on April 2-5th . The pebbles will be placed on the benches around the parish, and have been painted with designs indicating the Easter story. There will be answer  sheets  are available from the Magpie, village shop and from the school and pre -school . The answer sheets can then be brought to the tennis pavillion on Tuesday April 6th between 11-12 noon and a small prize will be awarded. Sounds like a lot of fun and definitly something to look forward too!!!

The church has a Maundy Thursday service on Thursday April 1st at 6,30pm, and everyone is welcome to attend, socially distanced of course! Its a Team service and the invitation is open to all the teams churches. The service will be led by Rev Matt Rowland. Next Sunday is of course Palm Sunday, comemorating Jesus entry into Jeruselem, and the service will be based on this theme. Starting at the usual time of 11am and will be led by Francis French, the team’s ordinand in training.The church has also received a lot of positive remarks about the restoration of the illuminated cross. The cross has ben switched off due to an electrical problem recently and it seems that people are glad to see it lighting up the night skies once again, it gives such a comfort to folk especially in these strange times.                                                                                                     

Oh dear it seems that we are still getting problems on the village green with dog waste. Please can folk watch what their dogs are doing and manage them properly and pick up after them.? Dog mess can be responsible for some horrific illness and surely no one wants that? With the longer days coming can we be more vigilant so that we can all enjoy the summer days.                 

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