Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 26th August

It’s been a busy couple of weeks worldwide with the Olympics taking up quite a lot of our time and sending us to bed very late, or early, depending on how you look at it I suppose! I would just like to congratulate Team G.B for an excellent campaign during the last two weeks, how inspiring were they all? Hopefully their success will inspire others to take up the sporting challenge during the next four years to carry on where this wonderful team has left off.

Well, A.G has had a very unusual visitor in a very unusual place this week. What would be the last thing that you would expect to find in ones hanging basket? Think carefully for a minute and I bet you still won’t guess the identity of the visitor….. Well young Rosie was astonished to find a long eared bat in her hanging basket this week, just hanging around , you could say! Plecotus Auritus, the common long eared bat, is usually found hunting over woodland for moths and insects and, quite unusually, they can be found hunting in daylight. They are also unusual because they rely more on sight rather than echo-location to find their prey. They like to roost in caves or holes in trees and sometimes roost in buildings, and do like to be close to the ground. Compared to other bats they are considered to be slow flyers, so perhaps this one was just having a nap, or hopefully, snacking out on greenfly. He certainly was a curious visitor to have in the middle of Fore St.

We have news of a new Pilates class being started in the village hall. The classes will be  on a Thursday evening and will run between 6-7pm. It will be essential to pre-book for the classes, so if you wish to know more details please contact Abbie by email or phone her on 07870862139. The sessions are priced at £8.50 when booked in blocks of six.

The shop is still looking for a new member of staff. The job is permanent and will involve some weekend work. Please contact Dinah for more details. Also Dinah stresses that if you wish to gain access to the village hall, the shop no longer has a key; Jackie Javes or Meg Brett are the people to contact.

It is of course Bank Holiday next week, and that means  A.G Classic Car Show will again be on us. Hopefully the weather will be kind and everyone will have a nice experience. There will be teas in the hall and there will be lots of different stalls to look around. The show starts at 11.30am, there will be a lot of traffic, so take care in and around the village on Monday.

On the 6th of September it will be Jazz Club night, and of course the chance to eat early with the Fisherman’s Early Bird special menu for club members. It will be necessary to pre-book your meal so please contact the Fisherman’s Rest on 550284 for more details. The Fisherman’s Rest will be hosting another Tall Ships charity day in October, and items will be needed for the Tombola and the raffle, so if you can help please contact Athenia or Libby at the pub.

St Andrews will be having a Family Communion service with Rev. Neil Barker in the driving seat. The service  will start at 11am.

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