Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 26th January

St Andrews enjoyed a wonderful service with the children last Sunday. There were lots of little ones who came to join families worker Sarah and helper Mary in the Lady Chapel for literally fun and games. Before the Kids Church started the congregation sung a song with them, complete with actions! Takes you back to happy Sunday School days! The service continued with some lovely uplifting hymns played by church organist Mrs Vanda Irish and Holy Communion was taken. This week St Andrews once again hosts the Benefice service where the local congregation hosts participants from across the teams churches. There will be an earlier start time of 10am and refreshments will be served after the service, evryone is welcome to attend.

The road works at the top of Icy Park Hill and Glebeland are progressing well. There is still a way to go but all looks set to end on schedule. Just take care when travelling up and down the hill as it’s quite a tight fit beside the barriers, pass with care and please watch your speed, ……. yes, there have been incidents with speeding vehicles believe it or not!                                                                                                

We are still have a problem again with dog poo on the green and on the footpath beside the A379 to name but a couple of places, please, please pick up after your dog, it really isn’t on !! 

There have been concerns raised recently about the state of the road flooding issues we have been suffering from for far too long here and close by. The road by Bantham Cross in particular and also just outside Dream Hill old garage too, there are a lot of places that need attention. Sadly the road surface is starting to deteriorate because of constant flooding, dumping debris on the road. The Parish Council has raised this problem with Highways and some work has ben carried out in the past but obviously much more is required to rid us of this potentially dangerous nuisance. Watch this space, we will suceed in the end.

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