Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 26th June

We start this week with some very distressing news. I was phoned last week by Mr Wilf Walters who is a farmer, with land in Kingston and here in Aveton Gifford parish. Sadly he has had three attacks on his sheep by dogs here in Aveton Gifford in the past five weeks, and during the latest attack on Monday June 15th, a lamb was killed by two large black dogs which then took off towards Chantry/Loddiswell area. The dogs were running completely free, with no visible sign of the owners. Did your dogs go missing? Do you know where they went? It is most important when walking with your pet dogs to keep them under proper control near farm livestock. These have been traumatic attacks, both for the damage, suffering, and death caused to the sheep, and of course to Mr Walters and his family. Please follow the countryside code when out and about. Attacks on sheep have shown to be on the increase recently, please let’s stamp these out. 

Here we go again on the subject of boat thefts. A four metre rib was stolen from the Tidal Road area last week. Along with it also went an outboard motor and some paddles. If anyone witnessed this happening please call the Police or visit their website. A timely reminder to not leave items on boats and make sure vulnerable craft are moored securely. I think this is the season for boat theft,  so please be vigilant.

Our shop is thriving on the longer opening hours and there is a new member of staff to introduce. Jackie, who lives at Kingston has joined the team in our shop, and is settling in nicely, welcome Jackie and we look forward to seeing more of you.                                             

Kingbridge Police are warning about a variety of online scams, for instance involving winning holidays. The message is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, so be careful once again about giving out personal information to people who call or email.              

Stephen Harding has restarted his yoga classes, and they will take place on the decking behind the hall or on the grass. There will be a maximum of five people allowed at one time. Please contact Stephen on his Facebook page for further details.                                                                         

St Andrews church has started a family trail that starts in the village at Brook Court, and ends up in the churchyard. There are some orange sheets to fill in as you go along – good luck and have fun!     

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