Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 27th May

It has been decided to move our road resursfacing work to August, the decision being taken in the main due to the drainage works on the green. Those works are progressing well and there is now fencing encircling the village green area. The workforce is getting on with the job, even at weekends but the weather isn’t helping them much! Hopefully we will have better weather soon.                          

Caroline Barker is proceeding with her gallery opening on Thursday afternoons for a couple of hours between 2-4pm, where she displays a wide variety of work. She specialises in Linocut printing, and her work reflects our parish and the beauty around us, including some of the buildings too. Well done to her for bringing much-needed cheer!                                                                                                            

Delamore Summer Exhibition is now open and one can visit but due to Covid 19 pre-booking is necessary, by phone on 01752-837663 or email on We have a couple of local artists involved, painter John Ashton and sculpturist Pippa Unwin. Both are well known for their studies of our wonderful wildlife on the river; John has some portraits of his favourite wildfowl on view and Pippa has some marvelous swan carvings – magnificent you two, good luck at Delamore!                                          

There are still some problems concerning the waste collection in our area. To help with the problem of the lorries being too big for some places, new smaller versions will soon be in place to reach the narrower parts of our villages. There appears to be a shortage of HGY drivers – some having been taken on, have then failed to turn up for subsequent shifts! Is there no end to this chaos?. The company that was awarded the contract seems to have seriously underestimated the scale again? Enough of the excuses guys, just sort us out before we all disappear under a mountain of cr**p!!                          

In response to an increased threat of dog theft, Neighbourhood Watch has launched a Protect your Pooch campaign. The campaign will run on social media until the end of the month. If you are not online, word of mouth is good too. There are three bullet points to this strategy 1,Leave your pet secure, not to leave them alone in gardens or outside shops etc. 2 In sight, keep your pet in sight when out with them, train well, especially recall.. 3 .Searchable Keep your pet microchipped with an ID tag on their collar, also have up to date photo’s , they can help with recovery. Please take care but enjoy your pet. If anyone would like an information pack please email Devon and Cornwall Police are looking forward to appointing a dedicated lead officer to combat this most distressing of crimes.                                                                                                                                                      

The shop committee AGM will be held on Friday June 11th in the Fishermans Rest at 7pm. Please attend if you are a shareholder as some important votes will need to be taken.                              

There will be no service in St Andrews this Sunday but there will be a Team Service at Modbury which will start at 10.30am.      

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