Village VOIce by Rosie Warrillow, 28th April

There was history in the making as myself and one or two other A.G ites arrived at Buckfast Abbey on Sunday.The Abbey welcomed the Choir of  Westminster Cathedral on the 1OOth anniversary of the choir’s first visit. On 2nd of August 1922 the then choir  accompainied by the director Sir Richard Runciman Terry arrived at the abbey to sing litanies and hymns and why this, what must have been in those days quite a mammoth journey?    Well it as to accompany the translation of the Statue of Our Lady from its tempory home in the Chapter House to its permanent location in the ladychapel of the Abbey Church, during the High Mass of Inaguration of the Abbeychurch by Cardinal Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster.. Wow, that must have been such an occasion back then! No Archbishop this week though but some beautiful litanies and hymns were sung at the traditional communion. Such beautiful music, the choir had all ages of men and boys who just delighted the congregation with their incredbible musical gift.

Back to our village now, and St Andrews has been making a collection for the refugee crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine and a sum of £230 has been raised through  the collections in the village and in church. Thank you to all who donated and the monies will be sent to the Tearfund. There will also be a concert in church on Saturday May 28th and among the guest artist will be the Modbury Gospel Chior and the Church Choir and everyone will be able to join in the singing. The Jubilee book will complete by then and will be on display.There will be an opportunity to sign the book on Sunday May 1st in the village hall from 3.30pm-5pm and refreshments will be served and a chance to see the book pages will be available. This Sunday St Andrews will have a Sunday Worship service starting at the usual time of 11am.                                                                                                                                                 

Not such good news now as it seems our village hall toilet has been suffering with some vandalism issues of late. Such a shame as its a welcome stop for villagers and visitors alike. Loo rolls have been taken and thrown aroud the surrounding area and there have been reports that the door has been kicked and damaged and bottles of soap have been taken. The bottom line is that this a public facility used and needed by everyone please treat it with respect. Also the tennis court padlock has disappeared, could someone bring it back please? It’s needed to keep the court secure and guard against possible damage, could it by mistake have inadvertently be in someone’s pocket/car? Please look and return it, they are quite expensive to buy!

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