Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 28th August

It’s no secret that traffic in and around our community is steadily increasing as time goes on. We have a group in the village to monitor traffic coming through our main street. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes come whizzing past people’s homes at some times incredible speeds. Some new signs that were designed to help direct traffic to try using the bypass instead of Fore Street have been removed, and not for the first time. Can whoever is doing this please stop, it’s an expense to the community, and they are required to try and improve safety for people who walk or cycle, etc through our village. If anyone knows where they are, can they please either put them back, or leave them in a place which they can be found, thanks in anticipation.

Sticking with traffic and the speed at which it travels near us, can motorists please watch their speeds on the bypass? There have been fatalities on this road and more would be a great shame and totally avoidable. Motorcycles in particular can be heard by residents really cranking up their speeds and roaring up the road, the two fatal accidents involved motorcycles, please be more aware of your speed if you have a bike. The road does have a roundabout at the bottom, so excessive speed is really not a good idea.

The residents of Rock Hill in the village are also concerned about not only the speed of vehicles but the size of some of them that try to negotiate the narrow road in this part of our village. Please be sensible and don’t just go there because sat nav says so!! The road through the village has been closed this week and is only open for residents while the work takes place, please heed the signs and diversions.                                                                                              

With the increased number of people, there have been increased numbers of dogs too and the age-old problem of dog waste has again raised its ugly head. Please look at what your animal is up to, and pick up after him please, just to leave it where it falls is really not acceptable, especially in areas where children play.                                                                                                                                                            

Our church is continuing to thrive after the lockdown enforced closure, and last Sunday the church was very pleased to welcome Rev Simon Franklin for a Holy Communion service. He delighted the congregation with his entertaining sermon, it was the first visit for him to our church and hopefully he will come and see us again soon. This Sunday’s service will be a Sunday Worship service, and will be led by Reader Mr Michael Tagent, a very regular visitor and old friend of our church. The service will start at 11am  with social distancing measures in place.                                                                         

Our village pub is still providing take away meals and is now open from 12 noon-10pm. Please phone to order food or reserve a table.

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