Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 28th February

It seems that I have ‘unleashed’ so to speak a bit of a controversy talking about dog poo on the allotments, and sadly more selfish behaviour by once again only a few individuals has come to light. Apparently there have been some instances of dog mess being left in Fore Street causing a quite despicable nuisance to some of our residents, some even being left in poo bags on people’s doorsteps!! Now I am a dog owner myself, and they are the most wonderful companions, but they do have to be properly controlled and  cleaned up after, please be considerate when walking your dogs, don’t let them foul people’s property. With this in mind can I just point out that a dog warden can fine offenders £80 or if taken to court the fines can be up to £1000 – food for thought, can we please put an end to this problem in our community.                                                                                                                     

This week  sees the deadline for donations for a memorial bench for the late Peta Harper, our former village shop keeper. Peta was much loved in our community and did a lot to help in the short time she was with us. If anyone would still like to make a donation please take it to the village shop. A picnic bench will be hopefully be bought in her memory and also a flowering shrub for the garden.                                                                         

For those of us who like to take part in the Tidal Road cleanups, some good news. The ACA has included our river on its Surfers against Sewage Spring clean up. The event will take place on Sunday April 26th, so please pop the date in your diaries, and more information will follow nearer the date.                                                                                                                                                         Good news also from Devon Highways for users of the  A379,  is that the areas that flood on top of the hill at Churchstow, Dream Hill between A.G and Modbury, and at Bantham Cross will be sorted out soon now, the maintenance has been put back due to the extreme weather conditions and  an increase in emergency call outs during the weather crisis. Parish Councillors voiced their concerns during last months PC meeting.              

St Andrews will have a Sunday Worship service which stars at 11am, all are welcome to attend, and refreshments are available afterwards. This year’s Lent Course will start in the QE Pavillion in Modbury at 4pm. AG will be hosting the following week, again at 4pm in the church.

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