Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 28th October

Our W.I ladies were the hosts of the Group meeting last week. Around thirty members from Loddiwell, A.G , Ringmore and Modbury arrived in the village hall, ready to enjoy their evening The speaker for this special event was Tim Barrett, who is a specialist in the field of outside broadcast for the BBC. The four presidents took their place at the top table and delivered their yearly reports and in spite of covid and the restrictions, the members seemed to be able to put on several events during this very trying time. Mr Barrett was welcomed by A.G president Meg Brett, and spoke on a wide range of events that he had been in charge of over his many years of service, including many Royal family events such as the royal weddings of the 1980’s and 90’s. Mr Barrett gave intimate details on how he ran the camera crews and the teamwork that was so vital to ensure a successful outcome to the events covered. He was in charge of the iconic flyover of Concorde as she and the Red Arrows passed over the   QE2 cruise liner, an amazing achievement for the time. He had also been on hand at many political events over the years, and had covered many incoming and outgoing political leaders. Mr Barrett had prepared video clips of the events he talked about, much to the enjoyment of the ladies. The evening was very well appreciated by the audience, and at the end of his talk, Meg Brett gave the vote of thanks. Mr Barrett stayed and enjoyed refreshments with the ladies, and was able to answer the many questions that they had prepared for him. The November meeting will be an open meeting with local resident John Ashton giving a talk about the wildlife on the river.                                           

Local resident Jeremy Gibson and his co-driver Malachy are celebrating after winning the  Offshore Circuit Racing Championships 2021 held at Brixham on Sunday October17th. They were driving the shark boat that JohnAshton painted for them in 2013 and it’s still going strong! Well done to the guys and navigator Anneka too,  a truly great achievement for all of you.                                                                  

The boats on the Parish foreshore have taken a bit of a battering lately with all of the stormy weather that has occurred. Some craft have been seen traveling around the river on their own and the advice from the Parish Council is if you have a small boat on the foreshore please check on it sooner rather than later. Wandering craft can be damaged and also cause damage to other craft, also some of them have also got quite a lot of water on board too. Please check on your boats and make sure that they are safe.                                                                                                                                                            

There will not be a service at St Andrews this week, instead, there will be a Team Service at Ringmore where representatives from all of the team’s churches will gather to enjoy fellowship. The vicar Matt Rowland will lead the service which will start at 10.30am

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