Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 29th May

The weather has been lovely lately and it’s been great to sit in the garden and enjoy the flowers and plants. I have been most fortunate this year once again in having a pair of nesting Great Tits using the nestbox, what a delight and to watch the parent birds so diligently making many trips a day to feed the babies within is sheer bliss. The tiny babies could be heard inside the box calling to their parents and last Saturday, the little ones left the nestbox on their life’s journey. One little baby though, went a different way to everyone else and ended up stuck in the greenhouse! I rescued him and left him in a planter with the pansies but the silly thing flew back into the greenhouse!. The parent birds tried to coax baby out with some lovely bright red bugs and eventually he joined the rest of the throng in the garden bushes. The parents stayed with the errant youngster until he was safe, they knew that he hadn’t gone with everyone else, how amazing that they stuck with him! Also in the garden this week I have had some Bullfinches and of course a couple of beautiful hedgehogs and a very naughty squirrel who keeps wrecking the feeders. Gardens can be a source of valuable food for the wildlife around us and the wonderful creatures do seem to find the food in an almost magical way.                                                                           

There have been reports of some fly-tipping again up by the recycling bins, some thoughtless person has just dumped waste near the site including bits of old plasterboard, please don’t leave things like that on the site, the drivers just can’t pick it up in the bottle bank lorries. Anyone caught doing this could receive a fine. There is also some waste paper in the layby again please take your rubbish home and take care of our environment. We live in a beautiful area please help  to preserve it.                                                                                                                                                                            

The  Tennis Club has re-opened now and there are some guidelines for use to follow on the gate. Please bring all your own equipment for play and some hand sanitizer and take everything away with you after play. The guidance can also be found on our village website/Facebook page too.                                  

Aveton Gifford W.I will be celebrating 100 years of the movement next month. The ladies won’t be able to do much about it but I’m sure we have all got some happy memories of the WI in our village, whether it be old friends that are no longer with us, or memories of past events we think about, so why not perhaps raise a glass of wine and toast the ladies, they are definitely worth it!                                             

Rev Matthew is presenting an online service this week again just take a look at the Mission Community website. St Andrews church bell was rung on Sunday morning to echo the church’s solidarity for the village in these troubled days.

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