Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 30th September

Oh dear, it seems that there’s another scam circulating again.  A text message is sent to your phone claiming to be from the Post Office saying that a delivery has been missed, and giving a website address  to re-arrange a new time,. Do not reply if you receive anything like this,  it’s a ploy to gain access to your computer and any bank accounts online.                                                                               

It seems that the Dartmoor Dash tractor run over the moors was a great success, with a good amount of money raised for the Devon Air Ambulance charity. A convoy of vintage vehicles crossed Dartmoor visiting Widecombe, Okehampton, and all places in between. There was a slight technical issue with the brakes seizing up on one of the trailer’s wheels, the solution to our hero John Foale was simple, take the wheel off and travel on three wheels, such ingenuity, well done!! The final total of the money raised hasn’t been confirmed as yet, more on that later.                                                                                            

The drainage works on the green are progressing well and have now reached the Jubilee Street end of the village. It’s still a way off finishing, but we are getting there slowly. The car park in this area is now closed, parking is still available on the Rectory Garden area. Please be careful as any rain may make the ground a bit sticky!!.                                                                                                                                         

St Andrews church is back to normal now, and continuing to offer weekly services. The Harvest celebrations are behind us now but the church will have a Sunday Worship service this Sunday starting at 11am and will be led by Reader Joyce Howitt. All are welcome to attend, and at long last refreshments can now be served after the service.

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