Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 31st July

As we get back into something like normal life it’s as well to point out one or two things! Our shop is opening for longer hours now but in keeping with all retail outlets, customers are now required to wear a face covering, mask or a scarf etc. Also the shop is now selling bunches of flowers, it’s a good idea to pop in too see what’s available and there are some plants still available, being sold to raise funds for the shop.          

Our church, St Andrews is now back to holding a weekly service at the usual time of 11am. People have been very glad to see this welcome return, and the services which have taken place have been well attended including some children in the congregation; always a welcome sight and they were very good and enjoyed themselves! This Sunday’s service is another Morning Prayer service with Reader Michael Tagent leading the worship, everyone is welcome to attend but there will be no refreshments due to the Covid 19 restrictions.                                                                

Oh Dear! A road sign opposite the Bus Stop has been clobbered by a heavy vehicle and is now lying on the ground, Devon Highways have been informed and repairs will take place ASAP.                            

The new play equipment is now slowly taking shape on the village green. The new wooden climbing tower and tunnel are up but not yet usable, so no sneaky trying out please! The equipment has to be finished off and properly secured before use! The play park committee is still in the throes of raising money for this adventure play area, and everyone can help by donating on the Just Giving page on Facebook. More details of how this can be achieved can be found on the village site.                                                           

There will be a road closure this week affecting Rock Hill, so be careful around this area.                                                                                            

The Fisherman’s Rest is doing a sterling job of producing take away meals, and the pub is now opening most of the day between 12-10pm – please phone to book a place inside or outside on the tables. Rosie Harmer is also doing a fish and chip take away in the gateway of Court Barton every Tuesday evening.          

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