Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 31st May

The weather has been lovely over the last couple of weeks or so and lots of people have been out and about enjoying the sun. Nothing wrong with that, however, a minority of people have been leaving rubbish around our seating areas. Beer bottles, sweet papers have all been found around various place in our parish. Yes enjoy the scenery and seating areas, but please, please take your rubbish home with you. Glass bottles have been found strewn around on the ground – an obvious hazzard for people, dogs and our wildlife of course! t’s qhite disgusting how much rubbish has been found in this way over the last week, have a pride in our parish and pick up for goodness sake. Also the perenial problem of dog poo has arisen in the same sort of areas too, again please pick up after your pet.    Also people have been leaving bags of rubbish by the recycling bins when they are full – again please refrain from doing this as it’s just encouraging more dumping of rubbish. Also the drivers who swap over the recycling banks are not allowed to place the rubbish in the empty banks, you can report a full bank online at SHDC.                                                                                             

The Heritage Group has a display on at the Cookworthy Museum in Kingsbridge for the duration of the summer. The group have several items of local interest on display including a Combe Morion helmet. Does anyone have any informationb on this object? If so please contact the group via its webpage or the village facebook page.                                                  

Our intrepid Cricket Club boys will be in  action next Sunday, June 2nd at Stoke Fleming and would like some local support please.They are doing very well in spite of not having many players and they won their first match this season against Hobleton.They will be pleased to welcome any new players and can be contacted on the village website.                   

The foodbanks are still looking for donations of  food and household items.including petfoods. The church has a collecting box and there’s also one in the village shop for your donations to this worthy cause; many people are finding life hard these days so please top up our boxes.            

The Neighbourhood Plan is again doing the rounds of our Parish. There are copies in the church, shop and the Fisherman’s Rest.Please look through the plan and make your comments on the attached forms, you opinion is vital to help choose the way forward for our community.                                       

St Andrews has a Sunday Worship service this Sunday at 11am, with Reader Michael Tagent leading the service. There will be refreshments served after the service and everyone is welcome to join in.               

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