Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 3rd November

Oh Dear it seems that the recent spate of mischief making is continuing in our community. With recent bicycle thefts and damage to our road signs and ‘Joan’ our psuedo traffic warden disapearing, the latest incident involves John Ashton’s beautiful painting that was resident in our bus shelter. I say was, as it has disapeared. The picture was a study of a cattle egret on the river kindly donated to the parish by John. No simple explanation seems to be apparent as to why it’s been removed, can anyone offer up a reason or has anyone got any information on what has happened to this people’s favourite? The bus shelter has been the centre of the Jubilee celebrations and the W.I has decorated it with poppies for Remembrance too. If taking it is some sort of joke, it has now backfired, please will whoever has taken it please put it back, or  leave it in a place which is safe. Anyone with any information can contact any of the parish councillors or myself on the above details. Please lets work together and bring this landmark of our community home.         

This year’s Poppy Appeal has now been launched in A.G. Poppies are for sale in the village shop, village hall, the school and at the Fishermans Rest. If anyone would like a car radiator poppy, larger poppies or a brooch please contact John Harcus on and he will let you know how to collect. Also on the subject of the RBL Poppy Appeal, Maggie Skeates is organising a raffle in aid of the appeal on Saturday November 12th at the Fishermans Rest. Tickets are available from Maggie and the Fishermans. There will be lots of lovely prizes so please support this wonderful cause.     

The latest Parish Council meeting will take place in the village hall on Thursday November 3rd at 7.30pm. All of the village organisations will be giving their reports and the latest news on various projects will be heard along with reports from the district councillors.  

Caroline Barker will be hosting a Childrens Christmas Workshop in the village hall on Saturday December3rd from 4.30pm-6pm. Booking is essential through Caroline at her home in Stonecot. There will be Lantern making, cooking, crafts and Christmas storytelling. It really isn’t that far away now!!

St Andrews church enjoyed hosting a wonderful Team service last Sunday with all of our churches taking part. Some lovely hymns were sung and the choir sang Beaneath the Cross of Jesus. The children enjoyed Kids Church with families worker Sarah Chapman entertaining them in the Ladychapel. New Reader Gill Snook gave an insight into his faith and enrollment as a Reader by the Bishiop of Crediton. The service was very well attended with everyone enjoying coffee afterwards. This week St Andrews  will have a Sunday Worship service led by Gill, which will start at 11am.

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