Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 4th February

St Andrews church is still having services, all socially distanced of course! Last Sunday the congregation enjoyed a Holy Communion service with Vicar Rev Matt Rowland. No singing was allowed but our organist Vanda Irish played the tunes to the hymns whilst the congregation listened. The Bible readings were from St Matthew and Genesis, and Rev Matt delivered an interesting sermon based on the readings. Yes, different from ‘normal’, but its just great to be in church hearing the word and  taking Holy Communion, different of course but no less uplifting. This Sundays service will be a Sunday Worship service led by Reader Michael Tagent and will start at the usual time of 11am. Unfortunatly an accident occurred involving the churchyard steps, a local resident slipping due to the wet conditions. There is a handrail on the steps, please use it especially at the moment with the weather being so bad. There are online services for the young on the Modbury Team website run by the Teams Families worker Sara. Fifteen familes have now viewed the activities and over 200 people are acessing the website during these troubled times.                                                                                                          

It seems our favourite moan is about to be aired again! Yes its dog poo, can people please pick up after their dogs? The green spaces we have are for everyone to enjoy and its upsetting when dog mess is in evidence.There are dog poo bags supplied on the green and in the Rectory Gardens, so please pick up, its really anti social not to do so.                                                                                                                

There is still a vacancy on the Parish Council so if you think you could serve our community in this valuable way please contact our Parish Clerk on                                                   

There are still some scam letters and emails about corona virus, please be very careful around these, they look official but aren’t, you won’t be charged for any vaccination, the NHS just doesn’t ask for money!! People are usually informed by text from their doctors surgery, so absolutley do not give out your details over the phone.                                                                                                                                              

Local artists have been keeping busy by working hard to prepare for local and not so local exhibitions. JohnAshton has created some beautiful pictures of the wildlife on the river, one picture being prepared for an exhition in London. You can see just what they have achieved by visiting the village website /facebook page, well done to both John and Pippa.         

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