Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 3rd June

Here comes the summer! Yes we have had record high temperatures during this last weekend, great for encouraging the visitors to our area to enjoy the wonderful scenery and our beaches. I have heard concerns again about the speed of some vehicles on the Tidal Road, so please, whilst enjoying the sun, have care for other road users, especially walkers, children on bikes and of course folk who are riding horses. There is no need for such speed and we really don’t want someones day to end badly, please drive carefully and then everyone can enjoy the beautiful weather!! The theme also is of rubbish on places like the tidal road and the footpaths around the parish, Keep Britain Tidy and take your rubbish from picnics etc home.                                                  

The summer art exhibition is now on in Salcombe and we have some of our local artists taking part. It’s a lovely exhibition and always well worth a look, there’s always a wonderful selection of works of art.                                                                                                                                                

Sadly I have to report an act of vandalism in our village. John Ashton took a lot of time and trouble to produce a beautiful picture of one of the egrets down the river for our bus stop and some idiot has graffitied all over it. How can anyone be so selfish and nasty as to destroy such a lovely work? Poor John must be gutted, it was such a lovely thing to have. At the time it was described as the best-looking bus stop in the county and very well deserved that accolade. It’s our bus stop, we own it and are responsible for it, not the County Council!! I hope whoever you are that you own up and take part in the cleaning up operation, I just hope that the painting can be restored, it has become such a part of our community. The residents of course will have to pay through the council tax to have the clean up done!! How sad and totally un-necessary.                                                   

There is a plea for help from the shop committee. They require some expert help in the field of Health and Safety, with drawing up documents for the same. They also need a new secretary as Maggie is hanging up her pencil after a long stint, well done to her but a successor is urgently needed please. Also, an events co-ordinator for fundraising for the shop is also needed, to ensure the committee can keep running smoothly. The shop  AGM is being held in the village hall on Friday June 11th at 7pm if anyone can help with the above projects, please come along.                                                         

St Andrews Church will be having a Sunday Worship service with Lay Reader Mr Michael Tagent this Sunday starting at the usual time of 11am.

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