Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 4th March

There will be a fundraising event for the Cricket Club later on this month when AGCC will play a team from the Fisherman’s in a darts challenge match on March 11th. I have heard that the men in white are quietly confident on this matter, due to the fact that they have a star player in their team! Mr Gary Dayment seems to be making a name for himself as an all around sportsman and is especially good at darts, so watch this space. The fun will start on the 11th at 8pm –  can anyone stop this from being a Cricket Club whitewash? It remains to be seen. I’m sure both teams will appreciate lots of support, and there will be a return match later in the year!

Good news from the shop, recycling sacks are now available from the shop. SHDC will make regular supply visits there and we now no longer have to rely on the recycling team. Those yellow notices whch blow off in the wind are now a thing of the past, and no more waiting on line to find the right department of SHDC; this can only be a good thing for the village. Both the blue bags for card and the clear bags for plastic waste are available.

Staying with the shop, and following the success of the village calendar, next years model is already trying to take shape. I say trying –  Dinah spent a long time organising this year’s calendar, but this year she won’t have the time to spare as her husband John has a solo exhibition of his work in London, and she has to devote her spare time to helping with this. So, we are looking for volunteers for this project and if you can help in any way please contact Dinah or Jenny Reynolds. It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and there are some lovely cakes available from the shop, gift packaged and only £2.50 each – two flavours, chocolate and vanilla –  a tasty treat for the most special person in your life.

Our shop does stock a wonderful array of goods these days and a lot of the credit must go to Dinah. In a couple of years though Dinah will be retiring, but the shop will still need our support. As I have said, the shop has improved vastly under Dinah’s stewardship but it still needs our support, ie in using the shop. When I spoke to her recently, she was concerned that when she retires we may be left with a crisis for the shop. The message definitely is Use It Or Lose It; it really is up to us, the community, to support and use our shop.

On Monday the regular Parish Council meeting takes place, and following the recent Neighbourhood Plan there are likely to be some lively discussions about the future shape of our community, so please come and support the council meeting.

St Andrews is having a Sunday Worship service this week and Reader Michael Tagent will be taking the service. It will be Mothering Sunday of course and if you come with your mum, she may well receive a small gift. The service starts at 11am as usual.

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