Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 5th August

This week we start with the annual Village Show, which will be held in the village hall on Saturday 13th August. The date has been announced in some place that the show takes place on the Sunday but its definitely on Saturday 13th. The entry forms are available at the village shop and there are all sorts of classes, something for everyone. There is a special children’s section including a class for the biggest sunflower head, and making a creature out of vegetables. Any one who is enrolled in our school can take part. The schedule is available in July’s Magpie and also from the shop. Maggie and Jenny work so hard to keep the show going, please come and support the show and of course have some fun too. There will be refreshments served and there will be a raffle. Entries can be staged from 8.30am on Show day and the hall will close for judging at 10.00am. The hall will then re-open for viewing at 2.30pm. It’s always interesting to see how you have fared and what everyone else has done, a time for some friendly rivalry and a nice cup of tea.

A little bird had a word with me this week! It was regarding a particular pair of neighbours who are celebrating a special Wedding Anniversary. Dave and Linda Codner are celebrating a wonderful thirty years of marriage, many congratulations to them. Dave and Linda are lovely neighbours, and are always nice to talk to and they have time for everyone, and I’m delighted to congratulate them on their special anniversary…way to go you two!

News has reached me that the Table Tennis has now moved to a Monday evening in the village hall. The tennis will take place from 7-8pm, the move was necessary due to the expansion of Ballet Classes. There will be no table tennis on the first Monday of the month due to the Parish Council meeting.

The Parish Council met this Monday when the council heard from District Councillor Richard Hoskins that there was no more money left to fund traffic calming. There was a possibility for a locality budget grant to help with the cost of some new goalposts for the playing area and the council has applied for this to happen. The bank of trees below Icy Park was discussed, the state of some of the trees ,overcrowded saplings, and general condition of the bank due to erosion is causing concern, and this was reported to Ian Bramble, SHDC representative.The Neighbourhood Plan was also discussed, and Sarah Harcus and David Davis Berry had attended a meeting in Totnes to discuss developments following Follaton House’s decision to merge with West Devon to create a larger housing initiative. The Water Shed project was also discussed, and work in the school to take water run-off out of the system during the holidays; this now completes the flooding prevention scheme.

A reminder also that the Classic Car show will take place on August Bank Holiday Monday.

St Andrews will be having a Family Service on Sunday with Mr Michael Tagent leading. The service will start at 11am.

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