Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 5th January 2023

Here we are again at the start of the New Year, Happy New Year to everyone! The weather has been very wet and it was nice to wake up on Bank Holiday Monday to some sunshine! Its also nice to get back into rountine after the wonderful Christmas break, some long holidays well deserved by all us hard working folk! The Parish Council will be meeting this week on Thursday January 5th starting at 7.30pm.All the usual issues will be covererd plus I’m sure some new ones. The defibrilators new and replacement ones are on the agenda, also any news on the roads and all of the various village organisations which will be sending in reports. The District and County Councillors will also be present to give their reports. 

The W.I will be meeting next week on Thursday January 12th starting at 7.30pm The talk is about the fundraising Tractor Runs which have been happening all last summer to raise funds for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Local man John Foale’s brainwave has turned into a great fundraising effort and it will be nice to get an update on what’s happening in the future for this most original fundraising effort. Guests are welcome to this meeting as it’s been declared an open meeting, yes anyone can come and join in. The ladies will be serving refreshments after the talk and a question and answer session will allow for us all to gain a deeper insight into the marvelous work being done by the team.

St Andrews church hosted the Team Service last week and enjoyed welcoming people from across our teams’ congregations. All our churches had represenatives present and everyone enjoyed singing the hymns played by church organist Mrs Vanda Irish,. Mr Michael Tagent gave the address and the service was led by our Vicar Rev Matt Rowland. Refreshments were served after the service, and  everyone enjoyed the chance of a post Christmas catch up! This Sunday the church has a Sunday Worship service led by our Reader, Mr Michael Tagent, and there will be refreshments served after the service.

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