Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 6th January 2022

Well here we are again at the turning of a new year, and we hope that the ‘new’ normal isn’t as normal as we feared and that we can get back to some real normality this year,2022! There is some important new information on our village website on how to gain your vaccination if you haven’t already done so at The Highway Code booklet has been updated as there are some new rules for just about everybody that travels in some way along our roads. Whether you drive a car, ride a horse, cycle yes and even pedestrians, some new information is available from this new edition. The new rules are designed to protect the more vulnerable and create a hierarchy of road users to ensure that people who can cause the most harm ie vehicle users will bear more responsibility to reduce the danger they may pose to others. The booklet can be sourced from a number of outlets including Post Offices. We have suffered for a long time here in A.,G as many villages have from speeding traffic through the village and on the Tidal Road, this booklet will certainly be a step in the right direction but please just be mindful whilst driving around our small roads, to watch out for pedestrians, kids on bikes and horse riders!!                                                                  

There are still a number of incidents regarding dog poo! Can we all be more vigilant please and watch Fido when he’s off the lead? It doesn’t take a minute and you can be fined quite heavily if you don’t pick up.       

The children’s workshops are still taking place in the hall each week on Wednesday afternoons. Lots of storytelling, singing, and messy play available again from this week, to book a place for your child please contact the organisers on 0-4. All sessions are held in the village hall in A.G and also in the Memorial hall at St Anne’s Chapel on Thursday afternoons.                                                       

The first Parish Council meeting of the new year will take place tonight in the village hall at 7.30 pm, all are welcome to attend and hear all the latest news from the drains, shop committee and all of the local interests. The village green is now looking quite ‘green’ again with the first shoots of grass appearing now. The swings will now have to be replaced and hopefully, this work will take place when the weather allows, The Icy Park play area has some lovely new equipment including a climbing tower! The older equipment has received a makeover and everything is looking great, lots of play opportunity for our youngsters in this new year. Updates on all of these subjects in the Parish Council meeting.                                 

Our W.I ladies will be meeting next Thursday the 13th of January at 7.30pm in the village hall. The ladies would welcome any guests and of course, there will be refreshments after the evening’s talk.                  

St Andrews will have a Holy Communion service this Sunday, January 9th , which will include the children’s activity group with families worker Sarah. Lots of interesting play ideas based on the Bible of course, no booking necessary, just come to church! The service will start at 11am, everyone is welcome and there will be refreshments after the service.          

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