Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 8th February

Our WI ladies welcomed a local speaker to open their new year on a popular note. John Ashton with able assistance from wife Dinah talked about the wildlife on the river and the saltmarshes in our parish. John talked at length on the origins of birds and how they developed from the dinosaur age. He is a well known artist and photographer and shared some of his works with lens and canvas with his enthralled audience. He also spoke of finding a Canada Goose which had been shot dead with its mate pitifully standing beside it, they mate for life. John also has a talent as a Taxidermist and presented the goose as an example of this talent. The evening was most interesting, and the ladies can’t wait to invite John back. The ladies will have this month’s meeting on St Valentines Day in the village hall, and this  months guest speaker will be Kerryn Bunn and she will be demonstrating how to make some Valentines Treats, sounds fun and quite delicious! This months competition is an Easy Cake recipe and flower of the month. The ladies will be pleased to welcome guests,  and new members, £3 on the door.                                

St Andrews will have a Family Communion service with Children’s group on Sunday February 10th . The sessions will be held in the Lady Chapel and all little ones are welcome to attend with their carers. There will be more sticky glue and stories, and after the service everyone can join in with the refreshments. The service will be led by Rev Matt Rowland and starts at the usual time of 11am. The church is also having a special Songs of Praise service on Sunday February 17th  with the subject of Marriage and some favourite hymns have been chosen by the congregation.If you are local and have been married in our church recently or maybe not so recently, you are cordially invited to join the regulars in church to celebrate, again the service will start at 11am and all are welcome. The service will be led by Rev and Mrs Barker.                                                                                      

Its Valentines Day soon and around the parish things are about to get romantic with an extra special  menu being prepared in the Fisherman’s Rest on this special day, please phone the pub for more details or contact them on their Facebook page. Our shop has some lovely Valentine’s treats in stock, including some gift boxes, please contact Peta or Katherine  at the shop for more details.                                               

I believe that there are still a couple of allotments available for rent if anyone wishes to talke them up please contact Jackie Guiver on 01548-550110 for more details.       

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