Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 8th July

Its nice to see some things that are continuing, and our Parish Council met last week to discuss local issues. The play park equipment in the junior park is giving cause for concern after its recent yearly inspection. Some of the equipment is showing signs of aging and certain parts need to be replaced due to the wood deteriorating. A maintenance way forward was discussed and local craftsmen will be asked to help with the repairs. Ways of replacing some of the more damaged pieces were discussed including asking for donations to raise money for new equipment. When finished, the park will have a completely new look and more up-to-date equipment. The play park at Icy Park was also discussed and work will begin there in the near future.           

The works on the green are progressing well and the Jubilee St car park is for now in use. The car park will have to close again soon due to the works moving along to the Jubilee St end, but it is open for the time being. Parking is continuing on the Rectory Lawns for the duration of the works.                              

The community swimming pool is only being used by the school at the moment, the local use will be resumed during the school holidays. Lots of local people have taken up the opportunity to purchase keys this year and to also take part in the life-saving

The Swoosh won’t take place this year but will be back for 2022 with a vengeance! Plans are already in place and it’s hoped that sponsored swimmers will once again be raising money for the community pool.  

Plans for having a second defibrillator were discussed following an offer to provide a second piece of this life-saving equipment from a local resident. A location was discussed and will be confirmed at a later date.                                                                                                                                   

There was no more news about the proposed new village hall this month, hopefully soon.               

St Andrews Church is still providing a service every week and this week there will be a Holy Communion service with Rev Matt Rowland which will start at the usual time of 11am   

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