Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow August 3rd

            A local man is planning an epic trip next spring to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance. John Foale, a well known retired farmer and agricultural engineer is to make the trip from John o’ Groats to Lands End on a vintage tractor. John has a passion for restoring vintage farm machinery, and this venture is starting with him making good his steed for this remarkable effort. He has acquired an ancient Leyland Synchro 262 tractor which, to be polite, is in a bit of a state. Anyone who knows John will realise this isn’t a problem for our talented engineer; the vehicle, which has been nicknamed locally as ‘The Beast’ will need all of his skill to bring her back into running order, but its a cinch for our hero. It needs new wheels, new clutch, bodywork,etc – by the time it’s finished it will be like Trigger’s broom I should think, but finished it will be. The project will be launched at this year’s Classic Car Show on Sunday, August 24th, so why not come and see her and John then and find out some more details. He will have support from a group of friends, and of course he will take some spares for the duration of the journey. You really have to applaud this effort of our hero, he’s 74 years young and surely an inspiration to us all. Well done our John, and the good news is that he will be giving me updates so that we can all see how ‘The Beast’ is doing. The vehicle was originally built in Scotland.      

Onto not such a feel good subject, dog poo again. Some of my neighbours in Icy Park have been experiencing this nuisance in their garden, not nice! Please keep dogs under proper control, it’s not ok to let them wander about by themselves, there are farm animal near us at the moment too, and the neighbours affected don’t have dogs of their own. Just pick up the poop! There are other areas in our Parish that are troubled by this too, the village green, our churchyard, the footpath by the bypass, and parts of the children’s play area. Please watch your dogs to see what they are doing and pick up any mess, the Parish Council provides bags, please use them!!!     

The village Show takes place on  Saturday August 10th in the village hall, with the entries being accepted into the hall from 8.30am -10.30am . The hall will then open for viewing at 2pm                                  

The Classic Car show will take place on Sunday 24th August on the village green There will be a wide variety of cars available to view as well as stalls, and cream teas in the pub.                                        

The shop is hosting an Extravaganza Day the day before (Saturday 24th). There will a barbeque, music and some local artists will have their work on display in the hall, for more details please call into the shop.

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