Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – Jan 10th 2014

It is with some shocking news that we open our column this week. Once again our village shop has been broken into. The culprits took some bricks outside some ones house and smashed the window with them and climbed through the broken window, before leaving through the back door of the shop. Did you see or hear anything unusual during Thursday night or early hours of Friday morning? If so can you let Dinah or the Police know what occoured.

We have some better news about the Table Tennis evenings. They have restarted on Wednesday evenings in the Village Hall,between 7-9pm. If you fancy a go its only £1.50 per session. This activity proved very popular with all ages and ability of players last year and its nice to see it back. If you can help wth opening the hall for the tennis, get in touch with Peter Javes.

The first Parish Council meeting for 2014 was held this week and Parish Councellors were glad to report the completeion of the new bridge and culvert at Tree Corner. Even with all the extreme weather of the past week or so the water is passing easily through the bridge and isn’t causing any signifigant problems and people are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. But of course there is still more work to do around the Parsons Brook area and the investigations on how exactly we can improve the flow lower down the brook will continue, as will consultations with S.H.D.C and the other agencies involved. Repairs to the Tidal Splash were also discussed. Derilict Boats on the river are still a problem, although some really bad ones have disapeared during the storms of late! Moves are afoot to rid the river of this unsightly and potentially dangerous hazard. The defibrilator appeal was discussed and Sue Herbert came to the meeting to advise the Council on the different types of machines available and a sub-committee has been formed to debate this important matter in the very near future, including where the Defibrilator may be housed.

The Flood Aliviation Committee have another meeting on 13th Jan. to discuss further plans on how the community can help itself by defining problems that may lead to flooding, such as blocked drains etc, if you have any you wish to say on this matter please join Rob and co for this important meeting.

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