Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – Nov 29th

The festive season is fast approaching, the coca cola add with the big red lorries is back on the telly and the festive spirit is set to hit A.G over the weekend. The annual gathering is scheduled to start from the Village Hall at 6pm tomorrow, Saturday November 30th.The plan is to make our way down to the Fishermans with some Carol Singing, dont know if there will be lanterns this year but lets hope so. When arriving at the Fishermans, more Carol Singing and a short service with prayers and dedication of the tree and of course the all important switching on of the tree lights. With all this achieved we await with baited breath as The Taverners Drama Group perform their Christmas Play, specially prepared for the event. The Ukelele group will also be there, involved in the play in some way, sounds like a very entertaining evening, so come on down to the Fishermans and enjoy! Also on Saturday from 2-4pm there is a fundraising event for the Pre School. A Table Top Sale of new and nearly new baby and toddlers clothing will take place in the hall. Also Phoenix Cards will be there and also the Book People,a good oportunity to buy those elusive Chrismas gifts.

This has been a busy week for The Flood Aliviation Group. They met in the Hall on Monday to discuss new developments in the flood plan for the village and to discuss possible causes of flooding that could be rectified within the village community. The flooding of the school was discussed and also the problem that other householders have had in that area of the village. The role the school gates have played in the flooding was discussed, the fact they hold back the water and cause a problem with the flow of run off water. The plan is to leave them open if there is a severe weather warning to prevent the backing up of water. The camber of the school yard was discussed and a plan to alter that using sand bags to direct the flow away from the danger area was suggested. Sandbags could also be stored in the school,with a key being provided for acess by volunteer flood wardens. A warning sign will be displayed in the car park during a severe weather incident and the Church car park was suggested as an alternative in an emergency situation. A formal Flood emergency plan will be drawn up at a later date and volunteer flood wardens will be needed. Tor Quarry at Sorley will be the place to get sandbags for this area, always good to bear that in mind. The condition of the culvert at the river end was discussed and also the pipes on the Tidal Road, the opinion being that they were in need of some remedial work to improve their efficientcy as they are parcially blocked by silt.

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