Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 12th June

It will soon be time for the Village Show again, this year to be held on August 8th. There will be classes for flowers, craft, vegetables, cookery, plus a children’s section, and there will be some new classes this year. The show is open to all parishioners and children attending A.G primary school; entries will be staged in the hall from 8.30 -10.30 am and the hall will open for viewing at 2.00 pm. There will be a raffle and refreshments, and schedules can be obtained from the village shop. Please come and support this community event. Schedules can also be obtained online from the community website.

Local resident Eric Yates died a couple of years ago; he was a terrific character, being a talented actor appearing locally and on the radio. I can remember seeing him in Dartmouth, and he had a great stage presence and a great comic talent. He has left a legacy though, in the shape of a book which details the exploits of himself and his brother while growing up in wartime Birmingham. Eric’s widow Lutina has gone to great lengths to get the book published, and local artist John Ashton has illustrated it with some beautiful artwork. The book, “Epitaph to Nickle Eck” is now available in the village shop, and is a really good read.

The photographic competition  for the shop calendar is still open and the closing date isn’t until the end of this month, so if you haven’t yet sent an entry in you still have plenty of time. You can email your entries to , or call at the shop for more details. The entry fee per picture is 50p. (This info isn’t completely correct – please see note at end of this article)

There is still a vacancy on the Parish Council, so if  you know anyone who maybe interested,  or maybe you could be interested yourself, please take a look on the village website or contact Peter Javes, Parish Clerk on 559283. I did put the wrong date for the last council meeting –  it was last Monday not next Monday, sorry for the misinformation!

Sadly I have to report the death of Dennis Milton. Dennis and his late wife Emily had lived in A.G  for many years, after living in Bantham. He and Emily were in the Antiques trade and still continued this trade after moving to A.G, having a stall outside their house, (the Stable). They were a lovely couple and were married for over 71 years. Sadly they had no children or any surviving relatives, so please if you are in the village at 11.00 am on the 17th of June could you please come up to church to see him off? Everyone deserves a good send off.

Re the photographic competition;

Dinah is keen to point out that there has been a misunderstanding here; please DON’T email in your entries, as this would only cause confusion with multiple entries and entrants, and the judges will be judging hard copies of each print, not digital ones. She asks that you please hand in PRINTS of your photos, and on the back of each photo please print your name, address, phone number and if available an email address for yourself – this way none of them should get lost or muddled. There is an entrance fee of 50p per photo. Please could the entries and accompanying fees be handed in to the shop.  

Thank you.

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