Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 18th September

Unfortunately, two of the main events, the dog show and the Presidents Cricket match had to be cancelled due to adverse weather reports this week. The W.I however did have their monthly meeting in the Village Hall. President Mary Hodder called the meeting to order and the ladies heard the usual business of the meeting. Following these events the ladies welcomed Mr Christopher Stevens to talk about the very interesting subject of Victorian Samplers. Mr Stevens originally came from Wales, and he started his collection whilst he lived there; his talk had a definite Welsh theme which was most intriguing. He showed the ladies some beautiful work by girls as young as 10 years old. One recorded a whole family’s history with the names of everyone embroidered into the work, and some recorded sad facts of deaths in the family and village events.

WI - sampler talk


Considering the age of these pieces of work the colours in them were still vivid and bright. Mr Stevens gave  a lovely talk full of facts and history, and it was a most enjoyable evening, with tea and refreshments served by Val Foggarty. The ladies welcome guests and if you feel you would like to join up, the ladies welcome other people at any of their meetings, to sample, if you like! The next meeting takes place on 8th October when Wendy of Quay Physio will be joining the ladies for her talk.

The dredging of the stream has been taking place over the last week or so, and should enable the stream to cope better with heavy downpours. The vegetation has been cut back and the sides firmed up, and the stream bottom has been dredged to provide better flow. The piles of silt\mud have been left on the side of the green so that any creatures disturbed by the action that has taken place can find their way back into the stream area, and the silt will eventually be removed once this has taken place. A meeting with S.W.W will take place on 29th September to discuss problems with the Watershed Project team, .ie surface water mixing with sewerage to cause problems of sewerage floods, particularly in Jubilee St.  The Hall will be open from 1.30 pm  and this is a great opportunity to discuss future developments with S.W.W.

The Tall Ships Charity Day will take place on October 3rd –  if you can help with draw  prizes please contact Mark and Athenia at the Fisherman’s Rest.

St Andrews Church has a service of morning prayer on Sunday starting at 11.0 am and are proud to welcome Helen Pearce from Shekinah Mission to talk about their work. The Harvest Festival will take place on September 25th at 7.0 pm, with a Harvest Supper to follow in the Village Hall; everybody is welcome,please bring a plate of food, anything is appreciated.

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