Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 19th June

St Andrews Church is still collecting donations for Kingsbridge Foodbank, and the collecting box can be found at the back of the Church. Anything you can donate would be much appreciated; dry goods such as rice, pasta, flour, breakfast cereals, any canned goods – beans, meatball etc. – and things like baby milk, nappies, and pet food are much in need and would be fully appreciated. Also foodbanks are starting to look at things like electrical appliances so if you can help with any of those please contact this Foodbank direct at either Wordwise or Kingsbridge Family Church. I will gladly help get your donations up to the Church, as will Nikki Smallridge on 550100. Thanks a million to all those who have already donated.

The Photo  competition for the 2016 Shop Calendar is entering its final 2 weeks and there seems to be some confusion about over how to deliver your pics. Its now been decided that the judges will be looking at printed copies of the pictures and not emailed copies.The entrance fee is still 50p per photo entered. Its recommended that your name, address and email is attached to the back of the picture, to avoid it being lost. Please have your pics brought to the shop by June 30th.

As we all know by now, the Parish Council is trying to take over the running of the School Pool from the School Authorities and this process has not been without its problems. The main stumbling block at the moment is getting the Church Solicitors to sign the lease as it is the Diocese who owns the land that the pool is built on. Also the water in the pool has to be of good quality and of course has to be warm enough; new solar panels have been installed recently to help with this. Taking all this into account, the Parish Council can’t sell any keys to the pool at the moment. As soon as the go ahead is received, membership forms will be made available from the village shop. Just a reminder that all key holders must attend one of the resuscitation courses in the village hall – please keep an eye out for the posters in the village.The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the village hall on July 6th.

Looking forward to the July W.I. meeting, the talk will be about acclaimed local artist Beryl Cook, and the ladies would be glad to welcome guests for this evening.

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