Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow, 22nd May

It seems that there are some bogus emails circulating purporting to be from HMRC regarding tax refunds. These are a scam, they suggest that folk may be entitled to a new tax rebate due to the Corona virus pandemic but these emails are just phishing for your information and bank details -don’t forget that official bodies don’t ask for details in this form of communication.                                                        

Restrictions on children’s play areas have not as yet been lifted.  Although some restrictions on some forms of exercise have been relaxed, the Parish Council has been informed by SHDC that play areas have still not been opened so play equipment is still out of bounds as I’m writing this. Please observe the restrictions and hopefully play will return to as near normal as we can get it soon!                          

Some good news on the exercise front though, our Tennis Club has been re-opened!! There are guidance notes attached to the gates of the court outlining procedures,  please use the court in a sensible way; bring your own equipment for play, racquets, sweat bands, shirts and hand sanitizer, and take everything home with you afterwards. Doubles can be played if participants are from the same household. New memberships have been delayed until July, if you would like to join the club please see the village website for contact details.                                                                                                                       

The Outdoor Swimming Society has issued 3 new guidelines for this popular activity, 1,Swim Local, 2 Stay safe don’t put yourself in a position where you have to be rescued, 3,if in doubt, stay home.

The more exercise time that is allowed now means people are being tempted to visit the beaches and other popular beauty spots. Please keep to the social distancing requirements, don’t take risks but enjoy our extended leisure time. There is more traffic getting about now especially on the Tidal Road, so please take care when driving,  there are quite a lot of families with young children on bikes now that restrictions have been lifted.                                                                                                                                   

The Fisherman’s Rest is still producing their Take Away – menu just consult their website for details. The village shop is opening from 9am-3pm on weekdays and from 9am-1pm at weekends                               

The Modbury Mission Community  and Rev Matthew are providing online church services each week.

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