Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow 2nd February

What a busy Sunday our St Andrews had last weekend! Once again hosting the Benefice service, the church was packed with worshippers from across our Mission Community. The service was led by Rev Matt Rowland and a guest speaker, lay chair of the Woodleigh Deanery Ken Bell, who talked about the importance of the Deanery, being a vital link in communication for church and diocese. Some lovely hymns were sung and a very much on the spot version of “He’s got the whole world in his hands” was sung with Farmers, Primary schools and lovely teenagers being the subject of the verses! Rev Barker played the ukelele for the song! The Kid’s Church was also in play with families worker Sarah and helper Mary, ensuring the little ones had a lovely time with singing, painting and learning about the Bible. Holy Communion was taken and everyone enjoyed coffee and chocolate biscuits after the service! This Sunday there will be a Sunday Worship service starting at 11am.

Local lady Pippa Unwin has been over in Breckinridge competeting in the World Snowcarving competition again this year. As usual the standard was very high and several teams from around the world took part. The creations were quite splendid with abstract seeming to be the order of the competition, including some sort of Pan type sculpture! As I said the standard was very high, and in spite of the best efforts of our team G.B, there were no medals this time. The team created some lovely dancing crocodiles and featured on B.B.C’s Spotlight programme too! The placings were Lithuania bronze, Silver went to home team Breckinridge and Gold went to the very deserving Bavarian team. All the pictures of the competition can be seen on our village website, as try as I may, I could not get them to download!!                                                                                                                         !

More good news!! Local artist John Ashton has replaced the picture in the bus shelter as the previous painting was stolen! The new study is of a swan family and is absolutly stunning. Well done to John and his helpers for this lovely painting, which can be viewed anytime! We must have the best looking bus shelter ever!

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