Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 4th September

The weather nearly did it again over the weekend for the Classic Car Show! The Village Green was very wet and the cars had a certain amount of difficulty getting on to the show ground, but the day was saved by quick thinking Ray Lancaster who arrived with a load of straw bales which were strewn on the ground, thus enabling the stream of beautiful old vehicles to be brought onto the field. With that difficulty overcome people arrived in great numbers to view the entries in the show. Where do you start to describe the cars, trucks and motorbikes? There was simply something for everyone to admire, no matter what your age might have been. The display of motorbikes was simply amazing with a wonderful motorbike and sidecar being my favourite, in spite of its great age it was turned out in a wonderful condition and it drew a lot of interest from passers by.

2015 - bikes

The display of cars on the field ranged from vauxhalls, to daimlers and from tractors, to a fantastic old crane. One beautiful red sports car had been owned by one gentleman since it was new in 1963, an amazing 52 years, and was still in an original condition. Not so much a car but a member of the family! One car was missing though and it was a curious absentee- I didn’t see any mini’s? There was, however a majestic line of M.G’s all of which were beautifully presented, and lined up together made a splendid sight.

2015 - MG's

I did have a favourite this year and it was the beautiful Triumph Herald Vitesse, bringing back happy memories of my late father who owned one back in the 1970’s. We used to go on many happy holidays in Arabella, as dad called her. I bet many such memories flooded back as we all enjoyed these lovely machines.

As well as the cars many culinary treats were available too and people had the chance to experiment with a Persian food experience and a delicious Hog Roast. In the Village Hall, the intepid ladies, led by Lucinda and Yvonne, struggled to keep pace with demand as hungry and thirsty folk piled into the hall for cream teas and cakes, they sold out of everthing by the end of the afternoon! Well done ladies, you served your community well.

2015 - teas


In spite of the trying conditions underfoot, this years event will, I’m sure go down as one of the best yet, good news for the organisers and for local children’s projects. More of the days photos can be found on my Facebook page.

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