Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow, 6th May

As the start of the drainage works gets ever nearer, several places to park during said works have been suggested. Ros’s field at the back of Timbers car park will be left open, and the church car park will also be available to use, the school already use it to keep their bus parked! The Rectory Lawns will also be marked up for parking purposes from Wednesday of this week. The Jubilee St car park will not be able to be used after May 9th,.and access will not be available after the works are complete, so please remove any vehicles before then. Please, when using the Rectory Lawns for parking can you be on the look out for pedestrians, and of course dogs and children who will take time to get used to cars being manovered there! Also the SWW team will be needing access to the green for their own vehicles and heavy equipment. The lane beside the Fisherman’s Rest will be needed for them to get onto the green, please can any cars be removed from there by Thursday? We are in for a disruptive time  so we need to pull together to make the most of it.                                                                    

After the gloomy parking and work news, we have a ray of sunshine! Caroline Barker is opening her art studio on Thursdays only between 2 -4pm.. Caroline does some beautiful and intricate lino cutting and other mediums of artwork, featuring some of the wildlife and buildings to be found locally.These lovely works of art can be seen at her gallery at Stonecot, opposite the village shop.                               

Now that  covid regulations have been relaxed, the memorial bench to our dear friend Peta has now been installed outside the village shop where she was such an influence on our community life. Many thanks to everyone who generously donated to make the bench possible. A short dedication will take place on June 11th at 4pm in the shop garden, Peta’s family have been invited to attend, and it will be a lovely time together to remember her and all the good times we had with her and all of her work here in AG, particularly with the youngsters of our parish. She was a wonderful character who continues to be very much missed by all who knew her.                                                                         

A warning to boat owners has been issued by the Police following two thefts of outboards from Salcombe. This sort of crime is a seasonal menace to all who have craft on our river. Please, when possible take outboards off boats and store them elsewhere, there are always a few incidents locally during the summer months of boat-related thefts, please be aware that this is happening around us again. If you see anything suspicious phone 101 Crimestoppers and report it.                                 

St Andrews church is still giving support at this trying time with weekly services, and this week a Holy Communion with Rev Matt Rowland will start at the usual time of 11am, all are welcome, socially distanced of course!

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