Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 8th May

As we go into May we will have a new government, and hopefully some warm weather. With this in mind our school had some important visitors during the last week. Pupils and staff enjoyed a ‘meet the lifeguards day’ – most important when planning a visit to the beach. The children enjoyed learning about beach safety, and who to go to for help should they need it. They also learned about where it was safe to swim, and which beach toys were safe to use and which ones were not! The visit was much enjoyed by everyone, and the children got to try on some of the lifeguards protective clothing.

Staying with the school, two of year six netball players have been selected for the Devon trials. Corri and Gemma have been members of the school netball team for some time, playing in a number of inter-school tournaments, and  are also members of Kingsbridge Netball club; all that dedication has now been rewarded, well done to them. The school is now welcoming a P.E teacher from K.C.C , Mr Chisholm, every Thursday to work with the Kingfishers Foundation class. During their first session, the children enjoyed taking part in multi-skills activities and look forward to the next sessions.

Next Thursday the W.I will meet for their  A.G.M and to discuss the W.I resolutions. There will be a bring and share supper and tea and coffee. The regular ladies look forward to welcoming any guests that may wish to come, and would welcome some new members. The June meeting will be a centenary celebration A.G.M, so why not join the ladies for this special meeting?

The Aune Conservation Association will be holding another clean up operation on Sunday. The last event of this kind gathered up a lot an amazing amount of rubbish in just one hour, so please join them on the Tidal Road on Sunday between 3-4pm, when it’s low tide to have  another crack at it. Also on Sunday, our cricketers will be playing their first match at Cornwood from 2.00pm. Good luck to them and best wishes for a successful season.

The photography competition is still open and shop has more details, but 12 good photos are needed for the calendar. They can be of anywhere around the Parish, reflections of what life is like in A.G. For more info either call in at the shop or visit the village website.                                                                                                                                                

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