Village Voice for Christmas – by Rosie Warrillow

Here we are at this wonderful time of year again and may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!. During the last week our school has been very busy rehearsing their Nativity plays, and all their hard work paid dividends when they performed in St Andrew’s. The play opened with some rather lost alien beings arriving in A.G due to a broken down space ship. They quickly found some children who were rehearsing for their Christmas plays, and of course the poor things didn’t know what was going on. They quickly got the gist of the proceedings as the children instructed them about the life and birth of Jesus. The Three Kings sang a very upbeat number which proved very popular to the audience of proud mums, dads , grandma etc and had everyone on their feet. The narrators spoke very clearly, there were some very beautiful angels, some wonderful ‘animals’, and of course the shepherds were there too.!  The Alien space ship was repaired and the Aliens went home full of wonder at the story of Jesus.The children performed wonderfully well and the unusual twist really did make this a Nativity to remember. Well done to all the children and the hard working teachers, helpers and carers who made it all possible.

Christmas 2015   2Christmas 2015

St Andrews will have a Christmas communion service on Christmas Eve starting at 9pm – the handbell ringers will be playing from 8.30pm –  and on  Christmas Day there will be a Family Communion service starting at 11am and all are welcome.

The Fisherman’s Rest will have a Curry and Quiz Night tonight, starting at 7pm till 9pm,

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  1. At the end of this month Sat’ Jan’ 30th Aveton Gifford Cricket Club hold their annual Club dinner at the Fisherman’s Rest 7-30pm to celebrate last year’s cricket awards, and present trophies.
    All social/members are welcome, Emails will be sent out to those who have them, menu details can be found in the Cricket Club folder which is situated behind the bar at the Pub, please feel free to book.
    Guest Speaker this year, is none other than your Club Captain, Peter Shephard, speaking on the subject ‘It’s a Funny Old Game’ with anecdotes from the past.

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