Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 11th January

There was another Tidal Road clear up over the weekend, organised by the Avon Conservation Association. In spite of the cold weather over 40 people of all ages turned out  to lend a hand. There were two groups, one starting at the Milburn Orchard end of the village , the other starting at the village end of the road. It had been a while since the last clear up, largely due to the poor weather before Christmas. Although there didn’t seem to be much rubbish while the collection was going on, at the end of the event there were several sacks of rubbish which SHDC has kindly offered to remove. There was all sorts of rubbish collected from bits of nylon string, odd bits of plastic sheeting, milk bottle tops and rings and one young lady even found a roll of carpet which had been dumped, all posing a sigifigant threat to wildlife, lots of animals are injured or even killed by bits of plastic that they are unfortunate enough to swallow! Unwanted bits of used fishing tackle were again present which either get washed up on the tide or are discarded when fishing is done here, please take care and dispose of these items carefully, disguarded fish hooks have caused problems to pets as well as wildlife in the past. The ACA wishes to thank everyone who took part on Sunday morning, refreshments were taken by the volunteers in the Fishermans Rest after the clean up.

Helen Phillips held a Sound Meditation in the village hall on Sunday afternoon. Over 20 people attended and enjoyed the session using drums and bells to relax, Helen hopes to have another session next month if anyone missed this one, more details nearer the time.

Our new village shop proprietor Peta Harper would like to wish all of the customers a very happy new year! The shop will also have a range of new prducts to see in the New Year with.An exciting range of vegan pies with aa range of flavours including homity, creamy mushroom, mexican chilli, lentil and bean cassoulet to name but a few. There will also be a fantastic new take away coffee service, with a choice of two different beans to choose from. There is also a wonderful range of fresh herbs to choose from and some fresh chillies and fresh olives, there will be some trial olives to sample in the shop! The shop also has some art and crafting kits in the shop, why not try some out and enjoy an exciting new hobby? As always, Peta and her staff are always happy to answer questions about the items mentioend and the shop is open 8am -6pm most days.

There will be another Soup and Puds Day on Saturday January 12th . Localy made soups and delicious puds will be on offer at £5 per person,all made by local volunteers. The event runs from 12-30pm-2pm and is held in the village hall.

St Andrews church will have a Family Communion service with Rev Matt Rowland this Sunday, January13th, which will start at the usual time of 11am . This week there will be a childrens group in the Lady Chapel. The last group atrracted a large number of little ones and everyone is welcome to come and join in again. There will be drawing and sticky glue, so come and join in the fun in church!

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