Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 15th September

Our intrepid friend Pippa Unwin and her four legged friend Bonnie have started their walk for refugees . The pair are walking from A.G to Dover to raise money for various charities including the Red Cross and the Blue Cross animal rescue charity.


They are now on the second week of their journey, and are averaging 12 miles per day, visiting several well known places including Newton Abbot, Bishopsteignton, Sidmouth, Bridport and Lime Regis. The weather hasn’t been all that kind to them, with rain and wind being quite a problem, but they have had some sunshine too! They have also had a few hazards, scary cows ,brambles and exceptionally heavy rain. Pippa does have some support from friends along the way and her husband is bringing some much needed dry socks!  You can follow Pippa’s journey on Facebook, where donations can also be made.

John Ashton wishes to thank the many people who have sent their best wishes during his recent stay in hospital. John underwent heart surgery at Derriford Hospital, and is progressing well but still has to take things easy. Dinah would also like to send her thanks.

The shop is offering to take in parcels  if people are out when a delivery is due for arrival. Also the shop always has cardboard boxes if anyone needs them; Dinah has lots of them with her deliveries and feels it would be nice to find uses for them.

This years Art Trail will get underway next month, and A.G is something of  an Art Hotspot with quite a few of our residents being artists. I can think of quite a few including at least one of our Parish Councillors! You can find out more at Harbour House in Kingsbridge. Staying on the Artistic front, St Andrews has an Art group which meets in the church once a fortnight. Everyone is welcome, it starts at 3.30pm alternate Wednesdays, is very informal and we have tea and bicuits!The next meeting will be on Wednesday 27th at    3.30pm.

The Timbers Car Park will be emptied of all old and abandoned boats soon, so if there are any boats which need you to rescue them, please be sure they are removed by the end of next week. Any old boats etc will be removed by the Parish Council after that time.The area is being re-classified as a car park and will no longer be available for boats over a long-term period, although people will still be able to launch boats for day use. It has never been a boatyard!

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