Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow -16th December

We are now truly on our way to Christmas and during the last week the school  held its Nativity Plays in St Andrew’s Church last Thursday, and worked very hard to produce two performances in one day! The play gave a more modern take on the traditional Nativity story and was entitled A Midwife Crisis. The role of the midwife was taken by young Yemaya and she was ably supported by her faithful, if somewhat hard done by, donkey played by Herbert. The Midwife had heard about a very special baby due to be born in Bethlehem via a text message, and was keen to arrive in time for the birth of this wonderful new King. Along the way she had to ask for advice from the Wise Men, the Shepherds and some very helpful sheep, camels and of course the Angels. Poor Steve the donkey, he tried to give advice but no-one listened to a donkey, aah what a shame!. The children created the story through songs and dance routines, and eventually the baby was born and everything turned out just as it should. The Angels looked splendid in their white dresses, and the costumes depicting all of the animals and the other characters were truly wonderful; and the music was very modern and upbeat. Young Daisy, who played the star, did some very impressive tumbles, not easy wearing a costume, bless her. All of the children put heart and soul into their performances, well done to them and everyone involved in putting on this lovely play.

St Andrew’s will have a Family Carol service this Sunday at 11am, with some favourite carols and readings by members of the congregation. This is quite an informal service and everyone will be welcome in church. There will also be a Christmas Eve Communion service which will start at 9pm, and a Family Christmas Communion on Christmas Morning at 11am.

Decembers quiz night at the Fisherman’s Rest will be held on Christmas Eve instead of the usual Thursday evening. It’s an All you can eat meal with the choice of three curries, the Christmas quiz, and Grand Christmas Raffle, what an evening of entertainment! All the fun starts at 7pm on Christmas Eve, you will need to book if you are eating though.

At the shop, there will be no deliveries of Challons Combe milk between Christmas and New Year, the last delivery date being Decmber 18th. If you will need extra milk, yogurt etc please contact the shop for more details.

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