Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 16th September

Oh dear, it seems that we can’t get away from a very divisive subject for very long. The subject of dog poo has reared its ugly head again, following concerns raised at last weeks Parish Council meeting. It seems that there is a continuing problem down on our village green, with people that walk their dogs by the kiddies playground. It seems that while people are playing with their kids that,  unfortunately, a certain element are not watching what Fido may be doing while the attention of his owners may be distracted. Please keep a careful eye on your particular Fido and pick up any mess, it is  very distressing to any child or anyone else for that matter, who happens to step in mess, not to mention a health hazard. I regularly pick up mess left on the green by others and as a dog owner myself, I am totally appalled by the apparent lack of caring displayed by, as usual, a small element of the population. There is still a problem  in the Churchyard too, and St Andrews P.C.C have placed notices asking for dogs to be kept on leads whilst crossing the Churchyard in an effort to stamp out this nasty problem.Come on A.G, we can do better than this!

On a similar theme , I must say that the state of the small wooded area at the end of Mill Street in Kingsbridge is similarly in a poor state. I take my boss’s dogs for a quick walk each lunchtime and I can’t believe the amount of rubbish just thrown down on the ground. All sorts of things just strewn on the ground, empty beer cans, paper rubbish, paper mess from the take aways, tin foil, it really is a mess. I pick up a small amount on each of the five minute walks I do each lunchtime. This small area is a goldmine of wildlife, I have seen all sorts of birds and even slow worms, a veritable oasis in the busy life of Kingsbridge, but rubbish of course can be a hazard to wildlife. Is there a place near you that could do with a five minute clear up? If everyone one tried, a real difference could be made to these valuable urban oasis.Do be careful not to touch anything sharp though!

St Andrews has a Morning Prayer service this week. The Service will be led by Karen Rowse, with yours truly speaking. The service starts at 11am. The Harvest Festival celebrations will take place on Friday  September 30th starting with a Harvest Praise service in Church starting at 7pm, and Harvest Supper following in the village hall. Everyone will be welcome to come to supper, even if they don’t come to church first! Supper is provided by ‘bring and share’ and there will be some entertainment…….can you guess who? The only way to find out is to come!

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