Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 19th January

A.G. Resident Pippa is off on her travels once again, this time to Italy. Pippa is part of  a team representing Great Britain in the annual Dolomites Snow Festival, where teams from all over Europe compete to make sculptures from the snow. The competition takes place in several towns and villages in the area, the sculptures covering a wide variety of subjects and show remarkable detail. The festival has a 26 year history and this year Pippa and friends have created a study of dancing bears. Other sculptures include a turtle, a beating heart and a delightful study of some woodland creatures. Well done to Pippa and friends and good luck in the competition.

snow carving 2018

The W.I  hosted some very special guests this week  for the first meeting of the new year. National Coastwatch came to talk about their work and some of the rescues they have helped with. This volunteer organisation keep watch over our coastline, relaying information to the Coastguard and helping with all sorts of enquiries and coast walking incidents. The ladies were told about how the look-out was restored and  how the volunteers were trained. Maggie Skeates gave the vote of thanks, and refreshments were served as the ladies enjoyed asking questions about the evening’s event. Next months meeting will be held on Thursday February  8th at 7.30pm and Helen Phillips will be speaking on Sound Therapy.

Last week’s Parish Council meeting debated  several important issues including the play park and future repair bills and contractors to carry out the work. The Flood warning methods were discussed and results were found to be effective but may need tweaking to improve efficiency. The cover on the pool may have to be replaced and the display of the village stocks was discussed .  The Classic Car show is set to take place as usual,following changes in the committee.  The precept meeting will be held later this month.

There will be no service in St Andrews this Sunday as there will be a Team Service in St George’s,  Modbury, starting at 10.30am.

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