Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 1st September

It’s with some upsetting news that I start this report and it concerns our church. The numbers are falling and have been for some time, the old stalwarts are passing on to glory and no-one is taking their place. There were just 10 people in church last Sunday, ok, some folk were on holiday but this number was very low, there are usually about 20 in church on an average Sunday. The church does have larger congregations for Christmas, Easter, and obviously for weddings, christenings etc, but the trend for Sunday worship is on the decline; St Andrew’s does need more of the local population to take an interest and to get involved. There is a full P.C.C at the moment, and they do a grand job of organising the church and church events, but more people will be needed in the near future to fill any gaps and it is difficult to see where these people will be coming from. The church does have a service every Sunday at am and it does have a variety of services from Matins (morning prayer, sung ) to Family Services and Common Worship. Maintaining these services is getting harder each  week with the falling numbers, basically your church needs you if it is to continue the level of service as it is. Please support your local church, because it really does need you! This Sunday, St Andrews does have a Family Communion service with young priest Rev Michael Chatfield leading. Michael is an R.A.F pastor who regularly holidays here with his family, his style is upbeat and he is great fun. In January, the Modbury Benefice, including St Andrew’s, will be welcoming a new, younger Rector, Rev. Matthew Rowland and his family, as he takes up the challenge of running five churches. ………Use it or lose it? It remains to be seen.

It Seems incredible but A.G will be welcoming the Jazz club again this coming Tuesday. The wonderful Jeff Barnhart will be arriving with his band, including his wife Anne who plays the flute and clarinet. Jeff is a popular guest at the Jazz Club and we wait to see what he is bringing us this time. The music starts at 7.30pm but the equally wonderful Early Bird menu will be available from 6.30pm; booking is necessary and the cut off date is Monday 4th September at 6pm, see you there!

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