Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 21st July

Members of the Parish Council met at Timbers car park this week to discuss the continuing nuisance of dumped boats. Not only are the boats creating an unsightly mess but there is a potentially dangerous situation happening  with protruding bits of metal. The P.C will soon be taking over the running of the car park, together with other assets from S.H.D.C and there is a definite will amongst councillors to improve the look of this area. The boats, some of which have been there for years are in a sorry state of repair and certainly would not be sea-worthy. The question is do you have a boat either in Timbers or on the edge of the river? Do you use that boat? These eyesores need to be taken away ASAP, or they will be removed. Our river is a most precious asset and it does need protecting from such wanton dumping of clearly useless craft. A number of boats have recently been left, please remove these boats from our river, they have no right to be there. There is no provision for boats to be worked on, there are no facilities to allow this. A system will be introduced at a later date, to allow local boats to be kept down there. There are at least two trailers that should not be left,umpteen boats, bits of boats and boat jumble, for want of a better word. Please help the P.C to clean up this area, thank you.

Children’s Hospice South West is looking for gardens for next year to support their Open Gardens event, so if you feel you could support this wonderful charity please contact Little Bridge House, (fundraising) Redland Road, Fremington EX31-2PZ or phone 01272-325274 for more details.

Here we go again! Another telephone scam has been reported – a male caller has been phoning claiming to be from the phone company checking computer speeds, he then claims that a refund is due, and tries to get account numbers from the householder. If you are approached in this way, do not give any of your account information, it is a scam.

Our wonderful cricketers will be playing their next game at Prawle this Sunday, starting at 2pm. This is always a favourite fixture, the matches are always very competitive and well worth the trip out to Prawle, so please support our boys.

St Andrews will have a Holy Communion service this Sunday with Rev Ian Elgin, starting at 11am.

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