Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 23rd June

The Bantham Swoosh has arrived!! Well almost, the village is preparing for Swoosh Day tomorrow, with two swims taking place, one early in the morning, 6.30am and another at dusk, 6.30pm early evening.There will be an amazing 400 swimmers taking part in each of the events, which will make it quite a spectacular occasion. These events are well organised and no disruption to the village is anticipated, but just be aware that it’s happening and approach the area with care, as there will be a number of buses turning.This year there will be a number of sponsored swimmers, raising money for our Community Pool, so good luck to them and I’m sure we would like to wish everyone good fortune on the day. Last years Swoosh was covered by BBC Spotlight, so keep an eye out for the cameras!

On the subject of the pool, it’s not all good news. Unfortunately there has been a problem with a filter, and a fountain of water has been gushing into the air. Fortunately, Peter and Colin were on hand and dealt with the problem promptly, thus limiting any lasting damage.. A part has been ordered and all should be back to normal soon. Well done to Peter and Colin for their prompt action. (Since this article was written, Harris Pools  ordered a new part asap, it arrived the next day, and they came almost straight out to fit it. Our grateful thanks to everyone there who made it possible for it to be repaired as quickly as it was.)

Our Village Show will also soon be upon us . August 12th is the day and there are many different sections to enjoy competing in. Flowers, Art and Craft, Veggies, a special Domestic section, and of course the ever popular junior section. Now is the time to grow, grow, grow in readiness for this popular event. Last year’s show saw a rise in entries, let’s try to make this years show even better!

Our Cricketers are at it again next Tuesday evening at Yealmpton, starting at 6pm. This year there are no home matches but our intrepid white army are determined to carry on as normal, so please support  them if you can. The guys do a wonderful job as ambassadors for our village, they play with a lot of dedication and do need our support.

It will also be Jazz time soon, on July 4th in fact, the venue is the Fisherman’s Rest in the Jazz Cellar Club in the lower bar. The music starts at 7.30pm, and of course the Early Bird diners menu is available from 6.30pm; its essential that you book, the last date to place orders for food is Monday July 3rd, 6pm. The musical guests for this meeting will be Frett and Fiddle.

On the subject of Chiara Giacomini, I know that a lot of A.G folk went  to school with her and may not have seen the lovely article in last weeks Gazette, it’s well worth a look. Chiara was killed in a tragic accident in London, 4 years ago and a tree has been planted in her memory in the Tate Gallery garden.

St Andrews will have a Family Communion service at 11am this Sunday.

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