Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 23rd March

This Sunday March 25th, is Palm Sunday and St Andrews will have the usual parade with a beautiful donkey to represent our Lords triumphal entry into Jeruselem. Church Members will gather in the car park at the Fisherman’s Rest at 10.30am in readiness for the parade through the village, ending in a service in church, to start at 11am.

Donkeys for Palm Sunday

Everyone is welcome to come and join in and enjoy refreshments after the service. Our new Vicar, Rev. Matt Rowland will be leading the Family Communion service.

Good Friday, March 29th, at 10.30am, will see the church congregation on the move again with the Way of the Cross walk through the village. With readings and hymns  members of the church will make their progress through Fore St, stopping at various points along the way to read and sing. Again everyone is welcome to join in and Hot Cross Buns will be served after the service. Reader Joyce Howitt will lead.

Easter Sunday, April 1st  and Rev Matthew will be in St Andrews again to lead a Family Communion service, starting at 11am.

Oh Dear! We have another telephone scam operating again! The caller phones pretending to be from one of the big communication services and claim to be offering a ‘telephone preference service,which claims to be an enhanced call barring service,including barring calls from international call centres – but its just a way to gain the victims bank details, so don’t be fooled and never give out bank details over the phone.

The community pool is hoping to be up and running in early May    and last minute repairs and improvements are being made. There will be resuscitation classes for those interested in being key holders, so keep an eye out for the dates which will be posted in the village shop. If folk have to cancel when booked, please give plenty of notice so other people can have the opportunity to take up the place.

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