Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 25th May

This week I had the pleasure of visiting our Pre-school children at their Hive building, and I was invited to come and see something that was very exciting. The school had been given a wonderful donation of a bird nesting box with a camera inside and a family of Blue Tits had moved in! The little birds duly laid eggs and they have now hatched and ten baby birds were very much in evidence. The busy parent birds could be seen on the screen bringing lots of delicious bugs for them to eat! Well, the children are most excited and are very interested in the progress of the little birds and keep a careful watch on them. We are all encouraged these days to help the wildlife in our gardens; I have hedgehogs in mine, and lots of birds,and judging by the amount of bird seed we sell at the shop, nearly everybody in the South Hams feed the birds. It was just so lovely to see the baby birds in such detail and follow their day, not something that you have access to normally.

The Parish Council held its Annual Meeting in the village hall last week and a fair amount of people turned out to hear the reports from village organisations. Also the fibre broadband company Gigaclear had representatives in the room to discuss their work around our community recently. Reps, from the company fielded questions from the interested audience. It remains to be seen how many people take up the option of using their   product.

The WI also had their Annual Meeting this week and had a special guest in Evelyn Watson a  DFWI  advisor. Evelyn was on hand during the evening to advise the ladies on many aspects of running a sucessful group.She also juded the competions and joined the ladies for teas.The membership of our WI has unfortunatley is now down to quite a low number.The ladies would welcome any new members who would like to come. The meetings are on the second Thursday of each month, starting at 7.30pm.Guests can come for a taster session, and the ladies do have several outings during the year, which include going out for meals and visits to Garden Centres. The talks are always very interesting and of course there are refreshments during the evening. Please phone Meg Brett on 550536 or myself on the number at the top of this report for more details.                                                                               Its happened again and if you saw the photos in last weeks Gazzette you will have seen a very forlorn and very beautiful Jaguar car stuck in the river just to prove that once agin that cars cannot swim! Note to visitors, do not try to drive through the river at any time( apart from low tide) as you coulod get stuck!                                                                                                                                                            St Andrews will have a Family Communion service with Rev Matt Rowland this Sunday starting at 11am with refreshments after the service.

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