Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 22nd June

Our shop has some new opening times for the time being as Peta has had to make some short term changes to those published in Magpie this month. From Monday -Friday the shop will be open from 8.ooam-5pm but will be closed for lunch between 1-2pm.  Saturday times will be from 8am-3pm, with no lunchtime closing. Sunday the shop will be open from 8.30am-11am.  Peta appologies for any inconvenience, and  opening times will be reviewed when she has had more time to settle in.

Our WI ladies had a wonderful time last week at their meeting. They opened the doors of the hall to invite guests in an open meeting, with a very special speaker in the shape of Rev Jackie Taylor from Kingsbridge speaking on the subject of the Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic.


The tale of wonderful bravery was told in a very personal way as Rev Jackie was related to one of the members of the expedition! From the setting sale in the Endeavour to the catastrophic time when the ship was trapped in the ice, forcing the brave party to strike out in two different directions in an amazing attempt to save lives, and ending with the main part of the party stranded on Elephant Island; an inhospitable ice island waiting for the brave souls who set off in boats to South Georgia to try to get help to rescue them! What a wonderful evening with a wonderfully personal account of the events of one of the most incredible stories of exploration. The ladies will have a Teddy Bears picnic next month at 7.30pm in the village hall on July 12th.Guests £3 on the       door.

There is still time to donate to the container headed for Lesvos. Toiletry items for both men and women are required along with baby items, milk nappies etc, please contact Pippa for further details or log on to the village Facebook page.

There seem to be times of need everywhere, and the Foodbanks here need some help too. Dry goods, spaghetti, rice, cereals, baby food and yes even pet foods are needed for local people in difficulty. There is a donation station at the church or donate things directly in Kingsbridge at the Family Church or Wordwise.

Our Cricketers are at Yealmpton on Tuesday in an away match. The Game starts at 6pm and I will be going if anyone wants a lift to support our boys,be at mine at 5.30pm if interested.

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