Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 6th October

This week’s Parish Council meeting heard from the Parish Paths representative that Footpath no 1 has had some issues with a gate being damaged, and that access was now difficult for older members of the community to use. This is a popular path that runs by the green, and members of the council have been in touch with the landowner to try and improve access. County Councillor Rufus Gilbert advised the meeting that there are to be further cuts in the County’s budget with another £30 million having to be trimmed.Where these cuts are to be made has still to be decided but this is definitely not good news. Devon Education however has had a boost with another £80 per child being added to the finances. The Community Pool has had an excellent season and has ended the year in profit; so many people have enjoyed the use of the pool and next year should be even better! The change of use of Timbers car park from being a boat and car park to just cars is moving ahead, with meetings with the County Councillor to re-locate the recycling bins to the lay-by taking place this week. Some of the derelict boats have already been removed with others expected to go soon.. In spite of all the work done to remove surface water from the drains, a sewerage spill was again experienced by residents of Jubilee Street in September –  SWW will be contacted again and MP Gary Streeter is being kept informed.

Dinah is again looking for a Saturday person for the shop. Sadly Annabel can’t balance study with work and has had to leave her post, so if anyone is interested in joining the shop crew please pop in and seek more details.

The Art Trail will be coming to A.G from the  14th of October. Lots of local artists will be displaying their work in different locations in the village –  The Fisherman’s Rest will have work from 4 local artists, the Art Space will have work from 3 local artists, brochures are available from Elen Claire Williams at 19 Glebe Lands.

St Andrews had a wonderful Harvest celebration last Friday with a Harvest Praise service led by Michael Tagent and followed by Harvest Supper in the Hall. There was entertainment and lovely food and everyone had a good time. On October 21st  St Andrews will be having an Autumn Fair in the village hall starting at 2.30pm, again all are welcome to join in. This week St Andrews will have a Holy Communion service at 11am. With Joyce Howitt.

And they have done it! Pippa and her dog Bonnie have completed their epic journey from A.G to Dover in aid of Refugees and the Red Cross and the Blue Cross animal rescue charity, well done to them both.  Nice to have you back safe and sound many congratulations to you both.

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