Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, Friday 13th January

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations!!! The competition for the Best Dressed Christmas Window was won by Skippers Cottage this year, well done to them. A special award was presented to the Hive Pre school for their excellent window display, made by the staff and children.

Oh dear, there seems to be a crisis at our Village Shop as the large chiller has broken down. This leaves the shop with just the small chiller in action and as a result the stock of chilled foods has, for the time being, been reduced. Please feel free to order any specific foods you might need, everyone at the shop is waiting to help with your enquiries.

Oh dear, a little whippet on a walk has lost his coat, probably on the green or perhaps in the car park. If you have found it please hand it into the shop or phone Jackie Dix on 07778590306, he may need it as there is a danger of some really cold weather coming in this weekend!

With this cold weather coming what we all appreciate is some nice hot soup, and the first Soup and Puds event of 2017 will be held in the village hall on January 21st, starting at 12.30pm- 2pm. There will be lots of beautiful homemade soups and some glorious homemade puds too, all washed down with a cup of tea or coffee. The cost is £5 per person with the proceeds going to hall funds.

This week was Parish Council week and the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan was discussed. Sarah Harcus mentioned that discussions were well underway to produce A’Gs future housing, parking plans. There will be another public meeting to translate the results of the questionnaire that was distributed around the Parish to see how they would help shape the finished plan.  During the meeting a concerned AG resident raised an encounter he had had with the hunt during the Christmas break, Hounds were apparently seen in the village and appeared not to be under the full control. The Parish Council will look into the matter and report back.. It seems that we will have a different representative at County Council level after the May County elections, due to boundary changes. Our current County Councilor is Richard Hoskins. Replacing the bridges over the stream was discussed and passed on a majority decision. The new bridges will be bigger and made from galvanised metal and will be higher to enable more water to pass beneath in a flood situation.The Village Hall rebuild is still under discussion and a public meeting will be held at a later date to discuss viability. There was no further progress in the efforts to supply CCTV for the village and the Clerk was going to contact SHDC to discuss the mossy pavements, which are becoming very slippery.

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