Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 29th June

It seems that we need a new person to work in our village shop team. The shop needs someone to work weekends Saturday and Sunday and someone who would be willing to cover holidays and sick days.The rate is £7.83 per hour, if interested would folk please enquire at the shop for more details.

Our Neighbourhood Plan Draft is doing the rounds in the village, with copies available at the church, pub and shop. Please take time to mull over the plan as it contains ideas for the future development of our community. Have your say, come to the Parish Council meeting next Monday, July 2nd  in the village hall, to air your views, or maybe you would have some new ideas to share? All are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, the councillors would value input from the community. On this subject, hard working councillor, David Davis Berry will be outside the village shop, waiting for your comments re the plan, this coming Saturday in the morning. Come and chat to him and see what this plan is all about.

There seem to be still some allotments empty, and any interested parties should contact Jackie Guiver, who lives in Bakers Terrace. Vacant allotments do of course impact on the finances of the association, so why not support them and get digging! Home grown food always tastes so good and you do get that sense of achievement!

Oh dear!! We seem to have had some plant pots that have gone missing! The planters have been removed from Stone Barton, Court Barton and from the entrance to Avon Valley Cottages. Will whoever moved them please bring them back, they looked spectacular, as you would know! The owners have worked hard to produce these lovely planters and would like them back, please just return them. I guess this serves as a warning, the plant pot appropriators are back, keep an eye on yours!

Are there any ladies out there wanting to learn Paddleboarding? Amy Henshaw-Depledge was wondering if any ladies would like to join her in paddleboarding on the river and she can be reached through the village Facebook page, just P.M her if interested.

St Andrews had a lovely Family Communion service last Sunday with our new Vicar, Rev. Matthew Rowland. The congregation was pleased to welcome some members from St Georges, Modbury for the service. Also at the end of the service a special blessing was received for the celebration of 32 years married bliss for happy couple Kevin and Tracy Rowse. They presented each other with new rings and renewed their vows. The couple, from Totnes are related to members of the congregation at St Andrews. Many congratulations to them both, after the service they then had a family celebration lunch.. St Andrews will have a Sunday Worship service with Reader Joyce Howitt.

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