Village Voice by Rosie Warrilow – 11th April

This is an exciting time in the village with lots of outdoor clubs springing back into life after the winter break.With the evenings pulling out now, the Tennis Club have now got a regular Tennis evening on Thursdays 6.00-800pm,weather permitting I assume.The club hopes to host more  coaching this year and later in the year will hold a Tennis tournament.There have been improvments to the Court this winter so, it will be good to see it being used and enjoyed more.

The Cricket Club has already started their season with some net practice. This takes place in Kingsbridge Sports Centre and they are looking for some new playing members please. Our boys in white do a great job promoting the community each week and they are always good fun, so if you fancy a game please contact Alan Green at Kingfishers or Alan Cherry at Icy Park. Nets takes place between 10.00-1200 Sunday mornings, so why not join them for a try-out, could be fun!

Recently some of the children from A.G Primary School were treated to a trip to South Efford Marsh. Maya Plass, from the Aune Conservation Association came to tell the children all about the wildlife and the geography of the marsh area. The children have been visiting the marsh in small groups to see the development of the area and to visit the new bird hide. They soon found that there was a lot to see, lots of different waterfowl and a fox or too, how exciting! There will be amore full explanation of what went on given by Maya at the Aune Conservation A.G.M which takes place on April 22nd at the Fisherman’s Rest and starts at 7.00pm.

Its Palm Sunday this Sunday and as in previous years some of the members of St Andrews Church will walk through the village to commemorate our Lord’s Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. And as usual we have been lent a beautiful donkey to walk with us by John and Maggie Newsham.’They took palm branches and went to meet him, shouting” Hosanna, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. We all
know the story, this is your chance to re-enact it here in A.G, so join us to see the donkey and learn of the sacrifice to come. Next Friday of course is Good Friday and will again take to the streets of A.G to acknowledge our Lord’s suffering for us. This year of course we will be remembering the suffering in WW1`as we mark the centenary of the start of this Great Conflict, so please join us for the Way of the Cross on Good Friday Morning outside the Fisherman’s Rest at 10.30a,m.

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