With all the bad weather recently and quite a few residents still experiencing problems with flood water, it’s good to know that our local Flood Resilience Group are on hand and taking steps to combat this perenial  and distressing situation. Monday, 10th Feb saw the group meet in the village hall to discusss the latest developments. Peter Smith has been to an awful lot of trouble to map all the gullies and drains that empty into the village, so that this information can be passed on to the district authority. Hopefully this will mean any  drains that are blocked can then be dealt with. During the recent bad weather, properties at the river end of the village have had significant problems with high tides causing water to spill into Kingfishers and the Fishermans Rest. Also a car in the Timbers car park was badly damaged by a boulder thrown up against it by the water. This damage was caused by a tidal surge at an unusualy high tide.What does this mean for our community? Well, a determination to carry on with flood defence work, including work on the stream to improve flow at difficult times. The group also discussed what equipment would be needed for the flood defence volunteers. An offer from the council to  provide such things as an electronic rain gauge which would monitor rainfall and could warn of iminent danger, and smaller equipment items such as whistles and hi vis jackets for people to wear when directing an emergency situation. A new shed to house all this equipment will be built in the village car park.

News on the Community Defibrillator is that there is to be a training evening on Wed March 12th at 7.30pm. The community has raised over £700 for this vital equipment and together with grant money from the County Council, we are close to the monetary target and efforts now are being concentrated on which type of machine may be purchased. The training is free, and as well as hands on C.P.R training, videos will be shown to further explain the machine and emergency resuscitation. If you are interested in the course, it’s useful if you are already trained as a refresher; you can sign up at the village shop.

The book signing event held in the village hall last week was a resounding success. David Balkwill, a local resident, has penned his memoirs. This book explores the farming practices of days gone by and has a fascinating insight into village life before, during and after the second world war. Many people came to the village hall on Feb 1st to have their copies signed by David. A number of copies were also sold on the day. The book has been quite far reaching and has had copies sold as far as Norwich!! What a wonderful achievement, well done to David and the project group for organising this great local event, and what a contribution to the village archive.

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